6121 Week 10 – Discussion: Task Groups

Group work is a commonly used method within school settings. Because peer interaction is important in the emotional and social development of children, the task group can serve as a wonderful therapeutic setting and tool; however, many factors should be considered when implementing this type of intervention.

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For this Discussion, read the Van Velsor (2009) article.
Provide a 400-word discussion Post 
–  your understanding of task groups as an intervention for children. 
– Use the model for effective problem solving to compare and contrast (how to identify the problem, develop goals, collect data). 
– How does this model differ from a traditional treatment group? 
– What are the advantages and possible disadvantages of this model? 
– Describe how you might use this model for adults. 
– What populations would most benefit from this model?
Paper must contain at least 3 references from the Required Reading contained below being sure to reference Toseland, Van Velsor, and Holosko and Dulmus.
Required Readings
Toseland, R. W., & Rivas, R. F. (2017). An introduction to group work practice (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.
· Chapter 11, “Task Groups: Foundation Methods” (pp. 336-363)
· Chapter 12, “Task Groups: Specialized Methods” (pp. 364–395)
Van Velsor, P. (2009). Task groups in the school setting: Promoting children’s social and emotional learning. Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 34(3), 276–292.
Document: Group Wiki Project Guidelines (PDF)
Recommended Resources
Holosko, M. J., Dulmus, C. N., & Sowers, K. M. (2013). Social work practice with individuals and families: Evidence-informed assessments and interventions. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
· Chapter 1 “Assessment of Children”
· Chapter 2 “Intervention with Children”