a risk register

As a project manager you will be responsible for determining risk, minimizing risk and determining contingency plans for risks. Developing a risk register will help you identify risk, determine the probability of the risk and determine how to minimize and set up contingencies for the risks.
You are responsible for developing a risk register that will be used to evaluate risks in a bank. The bank has discovered that the ATM teller is not providing the correct amounts on the customer’s register receipts at the window. The amounts are off by 3-5 dollars on each transaction. Develop a list of Risk drivers and the probability and impact this will have on customers. Determine how to minimize the risks and how you would set up contingencies for the bank.

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You will provide your analysis in a 4 page, not including the cover page or references, paper.
Provide the following tables: (Attached all tables below)

Risk Driver (Table 6.6 – Textbook)
Risks probability and impact derived from risk interviews (Table 6.7 – Textbook)
Risk Drivers and their assignments to project element costs (Table 6.8 – Textbook)

Discuss your contingency plan and your mitigation plan for minimizing the risks.

Your paper should include the following:

Analysis of the problem
Proposed interview questions and answers
3 tables as noted above
Contingency plan
Mitigation plan

Be sure to put in APA format and use APA formatting for all tables.