The post will focus on developments, current professional work, and industry news of your particular field within media-related careers. You need to pick one field/category and stick with it. You may write about any development, current professional work, and industry news in your field. 

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Digital/Social Media
Public relations
Web design

These categories are all on the side of your dashboard on the blog. Check the category you’re using when you author each blog entry, and use tags. See below:
Posts must have a headline (title) and be at least 250 words long. Please observe copyright restrictions when referring to examples in your posts. You may link to any original content that you would like, but you can’t post someone’s work without sourcing it. ***USE TEXT LINKS***, NOT big long links. Link within your text. (Take a look at how we do Social Factor’s blog (Links to an external site.).) Also, feel free to use imagery to make it look interesting and pretty. Take note of other brand blogs and find ones that do it well. Then, get creative.
You should give each of your posts two tags. One should describe the specific topic that you’re addressing (social media, commercials, CSS, campaign strategy). You should use your second tag to label the type of blog posts that you’ve decided to do (list above) just so we can make sure that you’re staying on topic. When adding your specific topic tag, you’ll need to “create a new tag” and put it under the parent tag you’ve chosen to write about with your blog posts.