Chapter 24 Journal

 This chapter deals with the aftermath of WW2. Find another work that does this – preferably from a non-Western point of view. Or, find a work that seems to be a reaction to the “splitting of the atom” and the age of nuclear power.  Choose a work and include this info in your journal:

Metadata: artist name, title of the work, date(s), place, collection if any, medium, size, any other relevant info to help us understand the work better
Image(s) of the work. Do we need to see multiple views to understand it? If so, include those.
Why should we study it? Reference the text on the post-war era / nuclear era, and other artworks we have studied/discussed. How does your selection engage with the critical conversation from those, and take it further? What is the critical value of your piece? (Here you should take at least 2 paragraphs to 1. Solidify the content in your mind and 2. Prove to me you know it)
Why did you choose it? Your personal aesthetics – why does the piece resonate with you? (Here you should take at least 1 paragraph. Consider addressing visual elements like composition, shape, space, time, color, value, line, texture, focal point, sound, interactivity, material, place, etc.)