Consumer Protection Essay

Write a 15 page essay discussing the consumer protection issue following the guidelines below.  Format essay in APA 7thEdition.

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Padmanabhan, K. (2017, January 20). Takata fined $1 billion for hiding information on exploding car airbags. Corpwatch.
Link to article:
1.  Conduct more research about the company as well as the applicable ethical frameworks and law.
2.  In an introductory paragraph identify the company, the topic and a well crafted thesis statement.
3.  Briefly describe the company and the nature of its business and corporate business environment. Do not spend a lot of time on the history of the company, but do describe sufficiently to create meaningful context. This should only need to be a paragraph.
4.  Research, define and discuss the legal issues and regulatory environment for the company’s consumer or antitrust issue. (i.e., What are the specific laws involved?) Include case law.
5.  Ethical dilemma and two ethical frameworks: Identify the ethical dilemma that the company presents with respect to its antitrust or consumer problem. This should be encapsulated in a single sentence. Evaluate two ethical frameworks with respect to the company’s management’s decisions that led to the situation. One of these should be the ethical framework you identify as the framework the company followed in its decision-making. The other should be a contrasting ethical framework that might have produced a different situation for the company.
6.  Other legal topics that relate to the company’s business: Also, clearly define and evaluate following three (3) additional legal topics – product liability, alternative dispute resolution methods appropriate in this case, and wrongful death.
7.  General recommendations for business leadership and managers that you have learned from this study (not just for the company you have selected, but for operating and managing a business).
8.  Conclusion.
9.  References list, 7 references minimum.