DBA 702

  A paradigm is a way of looking at the world around you. The word paradigm comes up a lot in the academic, scientific, and business worlds. A new paradigm in business could mean a new way of reaching customers and making money.  When you change paradigms, you are changing how you think about the topic Our paradigms are formed from what we have been taught by our families, experienced in our lives, or learned through our education.  This assignment helps you examine the relationships of these items and their relationship to knowledge creation. 

  1. Review the assigned readings and respond to the following:
    1. Define and discuss the relationship of background assumptions, beliefs, and paradigms.
    2. What do these three things have to do with knowledge creation?
    3. How do they help and hinder knowledge creation?
    4. Can you provide any examples in which any of the three models identified by Arbnor and Bjerke lead to “troublesome findings” and/or “questionable theories?”
  2. In your response, also discuss the difference between conceptual knowledge and theoretical knowledge.
  3. Do not feel limited by these reading assignments in your discussion; please introduce any other sources that may shed light on this discussion. But, whatever your source, please provide a quick reference in your posting so that we may benefit from your work and identify and locate the resources that helped you.


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  • Chapters 1 – 3 Arbnor and Bjerke: Methodology for Creating Business Knowledge 3rd Edition (2014)