Designing a handout

To develop materials for families that identify and promote children’s social-emotional competence and to evaluate your materials.

Four-year-old Taylor and her family lived in Germany for the past 2 years while her father served in the military. Taylor attended a Kindertagesstätte, a German nursery school, in her neighborhood, and always looked forward to seeing and playing with her friends each day.    When Taylor’s family moved back to the United States they immediately enrolled her in an early education program. Despite the fact that she has now attended the program regularly for almost 2 months, Taylor still requires considerable coaxing to participate in any classroom activities. She often sits alone and watches the other children but seldom joins in their play. You understand that it takes time for children to adjust to a new environment, and have taken additional steps to support her social-emotional development during this transitional period. However, you are concerned about the slow progress that Taylor is making despite your efforts. You schedule a meeting with her family to share your thoughts and to involve them in decisions about the next steps that need to be taken. You plan to discuss a typical 4-year-old’s social and emotional skills and to suggest strategies that Taylor’s family can implement at home to help promote her social-emotional competence.

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Focus Assignment
1. In preparation for the meeting with Taylor’s parents, construct a handout that describes at least five social-emotional skills that are typical of a 4-year-old. In addition, include at least three suggestions for ways that Taylor’s family can encourage her social-emotional development at home.2. Be sure to read the REFLECTION section below to guide your thinking. Write your reflection after you have completed your handout. 

1. For each item on your handout:       a. Explain how this item relates to issues in the scenario.    2. Describe and justify how your handout will improve teaching and learning in the scenario.