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Discussion Post Response:Part 1: Take How Good Are Your Leadership Skills Quiz. Share with your peers what specific skills you need to improve or develop to become a stronger leader. Make sure to support the comparison of your skills to the required one for a healthcare leader using the content resources.

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 Mind Tools. com (n.d.) As a Healthcare Leader, I scored 68 on the How Good Are Your Leadership Skills. When assigning task, I often take into consideration people’s skills and interest. I never doubt my ability to succeed, and I expect most of the time nothing less than their very best. I expect my people to work harder than I do sometimes. Most of time when someone is upset, I show empathy and compassion for others. When circumstances change, I rarely struggle with what to do. Often and most of the time I feel personal feelings do not belong in the workday. Time spent worrying about team morale is not productive (Coffee Break Course, 2020).

Sometimes my actions show what I want from people (Mind Tools.com, n.d.). Working with a team, I encourage most people to apply their talents to the project at hand. Not at all do I make exceptions to the rules as we are grown ups and know what needs to be done. I provide time to my employees to see what they expect from me to help them grow. Most of the time I can show my team how optimistic I am about the life and the job. Rarely do I think my team performs the best do the same task all the time. Providing different tasks to various different team members show you confidence in your team to let them shine.

Self confidence is a personal characteristic that is great for leaders to have to motivate their team and know add real value by the work you do. Having a positive attitude and outlook can have positive and negative effects on your team. Developing a strong sense of balance and notice setbacks and problems happening is how to make a difference. Emotional Intelligence offers understanding of a specific kind of human talent recognizing your teams’ feelings (Mind Tools.com, n.d.).

Leading by example and being a good role model are traits for good leadership qualities.Exerts power and trustworthiness in your leadership model. During COVID 19, that time everyone had to change to a new normal. Leadership qualities in public health and CDC, Department of Health and Human Services and other governmental agencies had to change their policies and procedures to suffice to COVID. The ‘New Normal Leadership’ is the ability to be adaptive while staying strong with one’s commitment; it is about being an effective instructional decision-maker; a leader who is a good planner, vigilant, and initiator (Francisco & Nuqui, 2020).

Physician Leadership Journal. (2020) indicates soft skills are necessary element to success for leaders in healthcare industry. Good communication skills, empathy, problem solving, multitasking and interpersonal skills are skills that improve self- awareness and should be practiced often to helping you grow and improve.


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Part 2: Reflect on the results of your leadership skills assessment. In the context of Disaster Preparation, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery, discuss which of your leadership skills could you improve upon. Explain what you are going to do to accomplish this task.

Chandler (n.d.) an effective leader has coordination skills. A leader should have the ability to create team cohesion, team coordination, and integration. A leader cannot hesitate to decide. Should be skillful in planning short and long-term goals setting certain objectives. The ability to communicate effectively with hardly any misunderstandings is key. Being able to facilitate in a collaborative manner will foster the best outcome with teamwork.

Handling stress helps the recovery effort run smoothly.  It is imperative that leaders be good and active listeners, with the capacity to digest a sizable amount of information and different perspectives (Shahrestanaki et al., 2020). Open minded is quality to have to be willing to think out of the box in certain situations. Able to think on critical basis requires a leader to read the unique aspects of every situation and to have a great capacity to visualize what it will look like once it has been implemented.


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