discussion post – The Most Persistent Risk in the Banking Industry and What Would You Do?

 NEED TO ANSWER ALL TWO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS…also specify which answer goes to which discussion question  

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 As discussed in the beginning of the course, risk is an inherent component of any business. Various operational failures have been covered that business are exposed to in their daily activities. These operational failures were categorized in four central areas: people risk, technological/system risk, process risk, and external events.
First PostFor your discussion, in one paragraph, consider the following questions and then express your opinion on the topics from your investigation:

Which risk seems to be the most persistent in the banking industry? Please convey the evidence you used to support your answer.
Do you believe that this risk can be completely eradicated? Why or why not?

question 2
 You have worked as a bank teller for several months when one of the other tellers who has become a good friend tells you that her daughter is extremely ill and that she must have an operation to survive. She then says, “Wouldn’t it be intelligent to take money from a dormant account at the bank for the operation?” She goes as far as to explain it would be like a loan and she would pay it all back before anyone ever notices. Nothing more is ever discussed. Sometime later you ask her about her daughter and she tells you she is just fine and the operation was a huge success.
The question now arises, did she take the money?
What would you do in this situation? What should you do in this situation? In your opinion, what ethical principles should be considered in this situation?
Some of the ethical theories you may reference when analyzing this scenario are:

Utilitarianism (most pleasure for the most people)
Egoism (one’s self)
Care (relationships, empathy)
Virtue (character)