Essay – Summarizing & Analyzing Rhetorical Strategies

GOAL The goal of this essay is to accurately summarize another writer’s article and to analyze the writer’s rhetorical strategies. Your primary goal as a writer is to inform your reader about the content of the article and the writer’s rhetorical strategies. Your secondary goal as a writer is to appropriately determine the writer’s rhetorical effectiveness.

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DIRECTIONS Summarize the writer’s main points. Focus on the writer’s points – what do “they say”? After summarizing the writer’s main points, present their rhetorical strategies – how do they attempt to convince their audience? Finally, explain whether or not the author’s rhetorical strategies are effective – do the rhetorical choices further the rhetorical goal(s) of the author’s article? Your essay is about what your article says, how it says it, and whether it is effective. Your essay is not an argument about the content of the article. You should not agree or disagree with the author at any point in your essay.
FORMAT The essay should be 3-5 full pages, typed and double spaced, and include a work cited page. The MLA-style works cited page should include the article you have chosen for a total of one (1) entries. The essay must include at least four quotations, which must be correctly formatted using MLA-style parenthetical citation, and at least four TS/IS templates, including at least one (1) to introduce a quotation (see p. 47) and one (1) to explain a quotation (see p. 47). You may not use any other sources for this essay. When you use quotes, make sure you “sandwich” them, as described in class and in Chapter 3 of TS/IS.
AUDIENCE As you write each part of your essay, assume that your audience (me and your classmates) may not be completely familiar with the essay you have chosen.