Final Homework Social Policy Analysis

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as an example to guide the development of your writing:
1. Briefly summarize the selected bill or law.
2. Describe the population and / or situation that the bill or law seeks to address.
3. Identify and explain the historical, economic, social and political context when
moment of presenting or approving the law.
4. Explain what the social implications of the bill or law are.
5. State whether the bill or law represents an advance or a setback for
social justice and human rights.
i. If you selected a bill: identify and explain where in the bill
process lies the bill.
ii. If you selected a law: Briefly describe the process through which the law passed
law to be passed.
6. Analyze the implications that the bill or law has for the profession of
Social work
7. Reflect on the issues identified in the bill or law that you
understands require further attention, that they were not or have not been considered
to the extent, and that for you are of great importance for the solution of the
8. Be sure to write according to APA, including citations and references. Minimum of
5 pages- maximum of 10 pages)
9. Once you finish your written work, send your document to NetTutor Paper

The student will use the data from the written analysis to prepare an oral report, with its appropriate audiovisual instrument, about the bill/policy or selected law. The oral presentation on the written work will be carried out as part of the activities during the Workshop 8. Submit audiovisual instrument content through blackboard by due date.