human right 3666

Please Google the Universal United Nations Human Rights Articles presented to the United Nations, by Eleanor Roosevelt after WW II in New York City. Read the articles and select the articles that “speak” or “move” you from your own personal experiences and beliefs.
You are required to develop an eleven (11) slide power point presentation with the first slide about you, with graphics or pictures of your hobbies, family, significant others etc. Make sure your first and last name, along with the class you are enrolled, such as Human Behavior, Introduction to Criminal Justice etc. are on the first slide. (Do not put the dates or CCJ XXXX on the first slide) The remaining ten (10) slides should consist of the Human Rights articles that have a personal or emotional affect/effect on you. 
You should identify the article of your choice at the top of the page such as Article 1 etc. You should also have appropriate graphics for your article(s) selection, therefore, if you select the Right to Education as one of your articles, then make sure to display graphics that represent education.

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Make this a fun project for yourself and make sure it expresses how you feel as an individual about Human Rights.
Thank you