Informal Proposals

This week’s assignment focuses on informal proposals. There are three parts to the assignment:1.  Outline a proposal following the outline format presented in Chapter 6 of the textbook.

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2.  Write an introduction for your proposal. 
3.  Research:  Finding sources that are relevant to your proposal. 
Part I.  Write Outline For a proposal
Using the Outline Format for an Informal Proposal (Chapter 6), outline a proposal.  You may choose your own engineering or information technology topic.  However, you may also choose from the topics listed below.  The topics are general; you will need to narrow and focus your proposal idea. Research may be required.
·  A proposal to address network or computer security issues (firewall, malware, anti-virus
·  A proposal to upgrade an existing application or install a new application
·  A proposal for a Web-based training system (implementing a new platform or upgrading existing platform)
·  A proposal to build some type of flying craft (e.g. drone, quadcopter)
·  A proposal to build some type of robotic device.
·  A proposal to automate a system
·  Information Technology and Management projects at Illinois Institute of Technology
·  Engineering projects from Calvin University
Part II: Write the introduction to your proposal.
This proposal is an informal proposal and it is a solicited proposal.  Your audience is receptive to your proposal. 
Your introduction should clearly state the:
·  Purpose
·  Background (why you are proposing the idea)
·  Scope of the proposal
Be sure to identify your audience – is it a Professor (academic audience), someone in an organization (professional audience)?  Your introduction should clearly state the Purpose, Background (why are you proposing this idea), and Scope of the proposal.
Part III:  Research
Find three sources that provide information on the costs and/or time involved in implementing your proposal.  The Internet or the EBSCO on line library system may be used to find source.  Use the attached Proposal Time & Cost Source Sheet to enter the source information. 
1.  Summarize the content of the sources (2-3 sentences)
2.  State why they are relevant to your proposal.
Format Requirements:
1.  One-inch (1”) margins
2.  Double-spaced
3.  Submit two documents: 
·  Proposal Outline and Introduction
·  Proposal Time & Cost Source Sheet
Assignment checklist:
·  Part I and Part II: Check content of your outline and introduction against the content elements listed in the textbook. 
·  Part III:  Check to see that your URLs are accurate and that the sources can be accessed before submitting your work.
·  Proofread and spell check your work