INSY DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Homework….Objectives-To explore Database Operations in MS Access

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 -Provide data analysis for the NGO Sixty and better
 -Understand and identify the different areas of improvement and write optimized queries
 -Provide project report as an instruction manual for the NGO Sixty and better 

This Project might require adding columns in the table if necessary. But removing the columns would disturb the existing queries.
1.Provide the health concerns by zip code which can help decision-making while trying to setup a particular class in a particular location. 
Hint: CDSMP and AMOB paperwork ask the question: would you like to be contacted about future health care education classes and events, include that information in the health concerns by zip code.
2.Provide the number of class participants/graduates by zip code.
3.Provide the number of participants enrolled in a class (AMOB/CDSMP/DSMP), the number of sessions they attended, the number that graduated, and their demographics in a time period.
4.You are encouraged to identify the areas of improvement by considering the forms data, Pre-Survey data, and Post – Survey data available. Make sure to add columns if needed and write queries.
5.Some Participants might choose not to answer some questions and hence some data can be empty in the table.
6.Provide an instruction manual that would help the administrator at NGO Sixty and better effectively utilize the new implementations.