Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Development of an IMC plan is the major graded component in this course. It will give you hands-on experience with the intricacies of marketing communications that achieve marketing & communications objectives.  It is also a skill that you can list on your resume.  An IMC plan is the next step after the developments and approval of the marketing plan for the organization. It provides the tactical level of detail to the marketing communications portion of the marketing plan.

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The IMC plan you prepare in this course will be staged in three parts, allowing you to make modifications to submitted parts. This will ensure your final IMC plan, incorporating all three parts, assesses your understanding and application of best practices in marketing communications. Building an IMC plan takes planning, research, strategic thinking, and hard work. Do NOT make the mistake of working on sections of the IMC plan just before they are due. That lack of planning and commitment to the course will be reflected in your grade. Be sure to reference the Marketing Toolkit for Tips on  PowerPoint presentations. 
ings, which you should reference to ensure your Power Point presentation demonstrates you can apply marketing and communications concepts in your IMC plan. 
The strategic and promotion mix choices must be supported with rationale from the readings or outside sources. Each slide should contain enough details to understand how you arrived at your conclusions. These details can come from external sources; or when information is not forthcoming, from your ‘best’guesses. When you use references, they must be formatted per APA on the slide itself. Use a References slide