Introduction to Sociology Due 07.02.2021

 Primary Task Response:


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Unit 2 has discussed how sociologists identify cultures and subcultures. Cultures and subcultures have unique components, such as language, values, norms (behaviors), and food. For this Discussion Board, you will dive deeper into culture


  • Using the textbook located on your Bookshelf, define each of the four components of culture:
    • Language
    • Values
    • Norms (behaviors)
    • Food
  • Want to learn more? Check out links listed below under Readings and Learning Materials.


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Consider how the definitions relate to aspects of our culture today. Can you think of examples of language, values, norms and foods that are present in the media you encounter everyday (tv, commercials, movies or music?


Post an initial response within the Discussion Board area that does the following:

  • Post definitions (in your own words) of these key terms (DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THESE FROM THE TEXTBOOK):
    • Language
    • Values
    • Norms (behaviors)
    • Food
  • Next, choose a popular television show (examples include The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, The Goldbergs, and Orange is the New Black) or a movie you have enjoyed.  
  • For your chosen show or movie, provide specific examples for each component of culture (language, values, norms, and food) found within your show or movie.
    • For example, in The Simpsons, language can be seen with the word “D’oh” and the phrase, “Don’t have a cow, man!” 
  • Each TV show could be said to represent a subculture of mainstream society. How do the four components of culture (language, values, norms, and food) identified above combine to create a group that is different from or similar to other groups you would expect to see in mainstream American culture? 
  • Finally, choose 1 of the following theorists: Durkheim, Marx, or Cooley. What does your chosen theorist say about the role of culture in shaping human behavior?