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• Youarerequiredtowriteandsubmita3,300-3,700words report demonstrating your understanding of contemporary leadership and management.

Section 1 (LO1, LO2):

Critically evaluate the contemporary definitions of leadership andmanagement
Examine current perspectives of the roles and responsibilities ofboth leaders and managers generally.
Relate your evaluation to leadership concepts, by referencingleadership theories and approaches.
Relate your analysis to three leaders from the Forbes list.

Section 2 (LO3):

Propose a minimum of three critical skills and behaviours requiredto be a successful 21st century leader.
Consider specific methods of leadership and managementdevelopment that could develop these critical skills.
Recommend how to implement and evaluate these developmentinterventions effectively.
(You may present your recommended interventions and respective evaluations in a table format for section 2).

Applying learning to the assessment
Topics covered:
Early perceptions of leadership: Great Man Theory born, or made? Trait theory; Situation and contingency theory
• Defining and distinguishing leadership and management and evaluation of the similarities and differences between leadership and management• Critical perspectives on early theories of leadership
Seasoned Styles of Leadership and Management: Transformational, Transactional, Charismatic, Servant leadership

Critical comparison of contemporary theories of leadership and management
Identifying and analysing leadership stylesRecent Styles of Leadership: Authentic, Empathetic, Resonant. Awakened, Agile
Emotional intelligence in leadership
Relationship between leaders and followers, leader and follower power

Applying learning to the assessment
Topics covered:
Role of the modern leader: Creating vision, shaping culture, driving change, empowering high-performing teams, embodying ethics

Identifying the role of the leader from an early stage of an organization to driving change.
Exploring cultural dimensions in shaping culture and changing making.
Leadership values –kindness, happiness, positive , contagious and ethical leadership.Leadership and Management Development: Strategies, methods, approaches, measurement.
Purpose of LMD , models and activities, measurement of RoI.
Identifying Competencies and skills of the modern leadership era.Agile Leadership: Agile, adaptive, resilient leaders, teams and organizations
Identifying types of agility, characteristics, competencies.
Leaders as learners, learning agility

What should be your focus?
Three leaders from the Forbes List of Most Powerful Leaders
Why are you choosing the leaders you have chosen for analysis?

Leadership styles
A particular leader
Contemporary skills of the 21st century
Leadership vs. management
A particular sector
Your own leadership styles or styles that resonate best to you

What should be your focus?
What are your analysis criteria?

Leader’s traits and skills
Leader’s style, behavior and approach
Leader’s values
Leader-follower exchange
Sector or field of work
Use or source of power
Age, gender or other personal characteristics

What should be your focus?
Structure…• Sections• Sub-sections • Apendix

Articles or journal articles
Case studies
Real life Examples