management information systems

You are building a new kind of online grocery shopping system: MIS130Shop. The system allows customers to register their details online that include a method of payment, and home address. The system will support the following functionality: 

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 2- System allows customer to select regular weekly items that are automatically shipped on a set schedule like milk and eggs 
3- The system promises to get the best price found from all grocery shops within the city. But also allows the customer to select a favorite grocery store in case of a tie 
4- If you go shopping to certain grocery stores, the system detects your phone and is able to allow you to skip cashier lines by automatically tallying your cart content and charging your credit card. 

1- What role does each characteristic of an agile MIS infrastructure play in helping this new business operate its business?  
2- List the reasons MIS130Shop would need to use a database to run its business. 3- Develop a list of some possible entities and attributes of MIS130Shop’s database 
4- Categorize the five common characteristics of high-quality information and rank them in order of importance to MIS130Shop 
5- What opportunities do wireless networks and technologies provide to MGIS130Shop? 

Your report must have the following sections:  
1- Introduction (10/100) Does it describe the purpose of this self-study? 
2- Answer to the Questions shown above (50/100 — 10 each) 
3- Problems identified from answering the questions (20/100?) 
4- Suggested solutions for the identified problems (20/100)