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“I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay.Ain’t it sad?And still, there never seems to be a single penny left for me.That’s too bad.In my dreams I have a plan.”– ABBA, 1976 (as cited in Genius, 2020)
These music lyrics by ABBA hit on one of the greatest challenges of adult life—money. We tend to work so hard to make ends meet. Most of the time, there is very little left over. Think about your own financial situation and your plans and dreams for the future.

Possible financial goals could be the following:

Sticking to a budget
Saving for a car
Paying for children’s college
Paying for a child’s wedding
Saving for vacation 
Buying a house
Getting a raise

Select 1 of these financial goals or something that you would like to achieve in the next 5–10 years. Then, discuss the following in your main post:

Describe your plan for reaching this financial goal.
What is the easiest part of the plan?
What is the challenging part of the plan?

Read the financial goals and plans shared by your classmates. Your responses to your classmates should further the conversation. Consider sharing a new strategy or your experiences striving for a similar goal.
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