Modern Popular culture

  proceeding to Week 1 Assignment 2. Week 1—Final Project Planning Download the Final Project Worksheet from the Learning Resources. Complete the worksheet and submit it as your Week 1 Assignment 2. It will be helpful to retain a copy of the Final Project Worksheet so you can refer to it throughout the course. Select one of the following social issues: • Race/ethnicity • Sexuality • Gender • Social and economic class • Violence • Indecency/free speech Once you have selected your issue, research how this issue is approached in the field of popular culture. Refer to the Learning Resources and the Walden Library Course Guide for this class. On the worksheet, explain why you are interested in this issue. This will serve as the rough draft of your Final Project introductory paragraph. Refer to at least one academically relevant source, either from our classroom, the Walden Library, or Google Scholar, that supports your interest in the issue. Select two popular culture categories as defined in this course. • Film • Episodic moving image (TV shows—may be broadcast or streamed) • Music • Music videos • Fashion • Advertising • Animation (general animation/cartoons such as Disney or Warner Brothers, or genre-specific animation such as Japanese anime) • Food • Printed material (books, magazines, manga, comic books, or graphic novels) • Video games Using the resources available in the classroom, the Walden Library, Google Scholar, or other academically relevant source, identify two quotes that discuss your chosen issue and each of the modern popular culture categories you have chosen. Each quote should be ABOUT the social issue AND the popular culture category. Record the full bibliographic details for these quotes so that you can include them in your Final Project. After completing the worksheet, you will have selected your issue, the categories of popular culture you will further research, a draft introductory paragraph project, and three academically relevant resources for inclusion in your Final Project.