module 4 case study

Assignment 2: Case Study—Organizational Redesign
Changing an organization’s structure is sometimes necessary for success. Change management processes may include top-to-bottom changes in everything an organization does. The organizational redesign process facilitates understanding of how such changes are implemented. The case study “Performance Plus” presented below reinforces that concept.
Click here to download the case study.
First, analyze the facts within the case study. Answer the following questions within your analysis of the case study and your understanding of the theories of organizational redesign:

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What have been the main causes of the difficulties being experienced by Performance Plus team members?
As general manager, what steps should Steve Cook take to ensure that the Performance Plus teams deliver a high-quality product on time?

Secondly, looking particularly at the Strong Bond question, provide a recommendation of how you would suggest that issue be resolved.
Consider the following questions while preparing the answers for the assignment. Apply these concepts to your assignment wherever appropriate.

Do formal and informal design elements apply?  
Are there any challenges posed by organizational redesign?
Are there any requirements for building coordination and teamwork taken into consideration? 
Are there any dynamics of changing the design of the organization that impact patterns of behavior?

Write a 3–5-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.