Need to make presentation of 18 slides on leadership management with notes added at the bottom

 Principles of Management Research Project For your final project, you will research a theme, principle, or key issue from the field of management and synthesize your findings in a voice-over PowerPoint presentation. You will explore how it developed, examine how it manifests in current workplace practices, and reflect on how you will approach issues related to this topic in your future career. 

In this assignment you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes: 

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● CO1: Apply the major roles that managers perform in their jobs to add value to the organization 

● CO6: Evaluate methods to plan, organize, lead and control organizational processes 

Prompt To complete this final project,

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 you must first identify a theme, principle, or key issue from the field of management. To select your research topic, it may help to identify a chapter in the required textbook that interests you and then look for a key topic in that chapter to explore. You will then research that topic and a related theory, and reflect on how your knowledge on this topic might influence your career in a PowerPoint presentation. Your PowerPoint presentation should be no more than 18 slides. The slides and presentation must be engaging and capture the attention of the audience. It should not consist of slides with bulleted sentences where the presenter merely reads the 1 slides. 

You must create a more engaging presentation where the slides act as talking points and the presenter’s words convey the points of the presentation rather than the words on the slides. Be creative and know your audience (a group learning about the importance of this management topic in organizations). You must reference a minimum of at least five sources, cited in APA style in your presentation. Specifically, your final project presentation must include the following critical elements:

 I. Introduction of a Theme, Principle, or Key Issue in the Field of Management 

A. Briefly describe the research topic

B. Explain how the topic is integrated into the workplace and how this has supported growth and development in that area of the field. Reference at least three sources from scholarly or practitioner-related publications (e.g., Harvard Business Review, Forbes) to illustrate your points.

 C. Explain the topic’s importance and impact in creating a profitable company or great place to work

 D. Describe any ethical issues that may be related to the topic

 II. Exploration of a Relevant Theory in Practice 

A. Summarize one management theory from the assigned course readings that addresses an issue related to your research topic 

B. Choose one of the following options: 1. Illustrate what that theory looks like in practice by providing an example from a scholarly or practitioner-related publication (e.g., Harvard Business Review, Forbes) that showcases a company successfully applying the theory to their management model. 

Be sure to address the following in regard to the example: a) Describe how the company applied the theory b) Evaluate what worked well c) Assess what other companies could learn from this example 2. Identify an article from a practitioner-related publication (e.g., Harvard Business Review, Forbes) that discusses a company that was not successful in applying the theory to their management model. Be sure to address the following in regard to the example: a) Describe how the company tried to apply the theory b) Synthesize what the article says went wrong 2 c) Recommend what the company could have done differently to implement this theory successfully, or whether another theory would have been more appropriate in this situation (and if so, recommend a better alternative and support your argument). III. Reflection on Career Impact A. Reflect on how will you bring what you have learned about this topic to your future workplace to make it a better or more productive company B. Reflect on any personal experiences you have with this topic to support your position