Negotiation module

• Materials
Class slides & webinars 
Recommended reading 
Complementary materials on Moodle 
• Individual written Assignment (REPORT)
For the purpose of this assignment you will use class materials, recommended 
readings, and complementary materials on Moodle to discuss the following topics.
In a written document (report) you will discuss the following questions. In each 
section you must explain the concepts, apply the concepts to the assignment, and do 
deep, critical thinking. Each section should be about 300 words. Grades will be given 
based on the the discussion of key concepts, the application of these concepts to the 
provided questions, and the depth of your application and analysis of the topics that 
we have discussed in class. 
You must also adhere to the formalities of this project – points will be deducted 
for any written work that does not adhere to these formalities or is missing a section of 
the report. Your discussion should be numbered and the answers presented in the 
following order. You must also include a cover page and a bibliography with at least 5 
citations. Good luck.
• Answer ALL the following questions:
1. Value Creation, claiming, and concessions: definitions, how to, advantages. 
2. Integrative vs. Distributive Bargaining Techniques: similarities, differences, 
advantages, disadvantages, and when would be the appropriate time / 
situation in which to use either technique. 
3. Perception, framing, and re-framing: definitions, how to, advantages, uses, 
4. Power: definition, importance, gaining power 
5. Coalitions: give 1 real-world example of a coalition used in negotiations and 
analyze its effectiveness.

‣ Word count: 1500-2000 words
‣ Document Format: Microsoft Word Format
‣ Font: Times New Roman or Arial, size 12, black
‣ Layout: Align left, do not “Justify”
‣ Line Spacing: Double space between paragraphs
‣ Hyphenation: off
‣ Page Numbers: Bottom right 
‣ Margins: Use default margins (A4 size)
‣ Referencing: In-text citations HARVARD CITATION STYLE (Use as reference “Student 
Referencing and Turnitin Workshop” document found on Moodle.)
‣ Margins: Use default margins (A4 size) or no less than 2.5 cm
‣ Language Style: Either U.K. or USA English (must be consistent) 
‣ Formal style: DO NOT use contractions, informal expressions or exclamation points. 
‣ Weight: 40% of your class grade