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2 paragrapgh each and separte response. 

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1. “Appropriate Standards” 

  • Select an organization with which you are familiar. Identify the compliance laws that you believe would be most relevant to this organization. Justify your response.
  • Define the scope of an IT compliance audit that would verify whether or not this organization is in compliance with the laws you identified.

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2.  “Writing System and User Requirements” Please respond to the following:

  • In your reading this week, you looked at scope creep and the IEEE 830-1998 standards. Read the following discussion questions and post your initial response by Wednesday for full points. Return on a couple of other days before the Sunday due date and interact with a couple of classmates. Respond to any posters who have commented on your post and respond to the posts of others. Let’s get the conversation going… and don’t forget to have fun while you’re learning! 
    • Requirements gathering is tough. Clients are often unskilled in technology and will be unable to articulate their problems and symptoms in technical terms. To create a sufficiently detailed list of requirements, the software engineer or systems analyst must be a skilled interviewer. 
      • Discuss different techniques you can adopt to overcome the “scope creep” situation. Your answer should align with the IEEE 830-1998 standards.
      • Notes:
        • A phenomenon known as “scope creep” can derail a project when new features keep getting added, which eventually fall outside the scope of the original project. Give an example of how this might happen if your team was designing a payroll application.
        • IEEE830 defines how system requirements should be documented to ensure that all parties are on the same page regarding what the new system is expected to do or the problems it is expected to resolve. Where might some breakdowns occur?

3.     “Chapters 2 and 3”

Refer to the section marked “Discussion Questions (Evaluation)” at the back of each of the assigned chapters (Chapters 2 & 3):

  1. For each chapter, pick one of the discussion questions to address. Copy the question into the forum, along with your answer (see example, below). We are looking for a post for each chapter.
  2. Reply to at least two fellow students with a follow-up question, comment, or a different perspective on their discussion questions.

Example Response:

Chapter 2. #101. Consider a ball at rest in the middle of a toy wagon. When the wagon is pulled forward, the ball rolls against the back of the wagon. A friend asks what force pushes the ball to the back of the wagon. Interpret this observation in terms of Newton’s first law.

Answer: I’d tell my friend that there is no force applied to the ball. This phenomenon is actually due to the inertia of the ball. Initially, the wagon and the ball are both stationary relative to the ground. In order to get the wagon moving along the ground, a force must be applied to it. The force applied to the wagon but not to the ball. Consistent with Newton’s law of inertia, the ball remains stationary relative to the ground. With the wagon moving forward relative to the ground, but the ball remaining stationary relative to the ground, the position of the ball in the wagon shifts to the back.

Chapter 3: Consider a bob attached by a string a simple simple pendulum that swings to and fro. (a) Why does the tension force in the string not do work on the pendulum? (b) Explain, however, why the force due to gravity on the pendulum at nearly every point does do work on the pendulum. (c) Where is the single position of the pendulum where “no work by gravity” occurs?

Example Reply to a Fellow Student

In your explanation, the frame of reference is the ground. Why do you have to relate everything to the ground?