PC Security Presentation

In this exercise, you will convert the essay you wrote in Project 3 to a PowerPoint presentation. Read this all through to the end once before you try it.
2. Find the image files you downloaded as you will use them here.
3. Outline and develop your presentation on paper or using a word processor first. You must have:  * A title slide, with a good title (not “PC Security Presentation”) that applies to the specific aspect of security you are discussing, and your name below the title.  * A slide which introduces your topic. State what it is, why it’s important.  * 2 or 3 slides which detail your topic.  * A conclusion slide, which sums up your details/findings.  * A Works Cited slide which has the URLs of the Internet references where you found your information.

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4. As you work this out, follow these guidelines:  * Title slide must use the Title slide format.  * Intro, detail and conclusions slides     * can use the Title and content format, or possibly Two content,     * must be bulleted,     * must have a relevant title at the top of the slide,     * must have “several” bullets of several words each. No blocks of text,     * should follow the good presentation principles you read about earlier,     * are where the 2 images go, anywhere you want in there but only 1 image per slide, appropriately sized and located, and     * each image must be referenced or discussed in one or more bullets.  * Works Cited slide should use the Title and body format, title is “Works Cited”.

5. When you create your slides, be sure to:  * add a Theme to all slides.,  * have slide numbers on all slides except the title slide,  * use bullet symbols for all bullet points. Any style you want, but the same style on all slides,  * add a transition,  * spell check, and  * remember we are keeping it simple: no gifs, no videos, no audio, no animations, no links.

6. When you’re ready, create your presentation. Begin by choosing a Theme, then set the title slide up since that shows first, then work along – add a slide, add content to a slide, etc. until the basics are all done.

7. Now finish up by adding other required format items, like the slide numbers, transitions and spell check.

8. Save your file. Call it PC Security Presentation

9. Your project will be graded according to the following rubric:

RequirementsMax Points PossibleAll required slide types present and well formatted   25Content and information accurate, useful and logical10Images relevant and referenced15Spelling and grammar checked and corrected10Total60