Physics discussion 2

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Use the link above to watch the video.  This video discusses three INCORRECT laws of physics, followed by three incorrect statements.  There is a short clip of a man on a skate board with a fire extinguisher followed by another incorrect statement.  The last clip is of a class with students attempting to break eggs by throwing them at a wall of bedsheet with another incorrect statement.

The statements in the video (and listed below) are all misconceptions.  Pick one statement.   Indicate which statement you have chosen.  Explain why it is wrong and what the correct scientific explanation is for the scenario. Then give a different real-world example that illustrates the same concept.  Be sure to use your real-world example to explain the science again.   

  1. When you push a full grocery cart at a steady speed down an aisle in the grocery store you need to push with significantly more force than when you push the same cart when empty (assume the forces of friction (air, tire, etc.) are essentially the same for both the full and empty cart.
  2. When you are driving a car at a constant speed and then press on the gas pedal (increase the force due to the engine), the car will speed up to a new higher constant speed (assume all the forces of friction (air, tire, etc.) remain essentially the same)
  3. When a game of tug of war is played on a very smooth wooden floor between 10 strong dads in socks and their 10 small 5-year-old children in sneakers, the children can never win because the men will be able to pull so much harder on the rope than their children.
  4. When the man uses the fire extinguisher, the gas from the extinguisher pushes against the wall causing the man on the skateboard to get pushed backwards.
  5. When the egg hits the sheet it doesn’t break because the students are unable to through the egg with enough force to cause it to break

For this discussion you must post one main discussion post and reply to one other student’s post. 

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Your main post must include:

1.  State which of the 5 statements you are going to discuss. (5 points)

2.  Explain why the statement is wrong, including insights as to why we might think this way.  Then include the correct statement and apply it to the example to explain what is shown and why it happens using the correct science.    (15 points)

3.  Think of something you experience in your daily life that is related to one of these examples.  Share this with your fellow students, be sure to explain the science of your example and how it is related to these misconceptions.   (10 points).   Try to pick an experience that you feel other students can relate to as well.

In addition to your main post, you must provide a substantive reply post to another student’s post.  Be respectful, but if the student’s explanation is missing anything, add what you think is missing, or if there are errors, suggest the correct explanation.  Include a comment on how you might relate to the experience you share.  Consider adding something to this experience that takes the discussion farther or in a new direction… For example, if a student uses a seat belt example, you might add a new, but different seat belt example, or a situation that might be different but still relates to that example such as an experience in an accident (or a near accident)….

Think of it this way… if you were in a group setting how would you add something to a conversation on this topic and keep the conversation going.  It must be something more than “I can relate to your experience”… or “I had the same experience”. These examples aren’t substantive.  But stating  something to the effect that “I had a similar experience but I experienced the following thing (with your details that are related, but different) ” does.  

All posts must be posted by Midnight Sunday of the week the post is due;  late posts will not be accepted.  Your main post is worth 30 points Your reply post is worth 10 points

Your post will be graded on both content and grammar.