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I would try to follow what I have been directed to do by responding to what I can to the media and not booking interviews for my boss.  I would give the media what information I could that was necessary and anything that wan not necessary, I would not relay.  I think it would be important to share necessary information because that is my job.  People have the right to know what is going on.  I can understand why he does, but I am responsible for my department.
I will give Burt Taylor the information that is prepared for the media, TV, and newspapers.  He can decide if it is what he wants, especially since I am a new hire.  I will attempt to get in good standing with the media, newspaper, TV, and online institutions.  That will benefit our company.  If any crisis happens, I will get with my boss and we will decide what we release.  Once my boss sees I know what I am doing then we can look at things and see if we can do them different. 
I will talk to my boss if we come upon any problems.  Communication is the important thing to do.  That way we both know what is going on.  I will attend meeting so that I know what is happening, so hopefully any crisis can be prevented.  I will be checking online, TV, newspapers, and media daily to make sure we are knowledgeable.