Although this is an undergraduate course, I expect a high standard of work from each student in this class in terms of accuracy, quality, completeness, and English grammar.   I expect your answers to each question to be fully developed; not brief and skimpy.  Remember, this exercise is worth 20% of your final grade.  A one-page answer to each of the following questions would be considered a minimum response. 
1.     10 Points:  Chapter 4 of the text discusses “Communication Difficulties Faced by Analysts”.  1.) Using the text discussion (and any supporting reference sources), select the three most important communication difficulties faced by analysts and explain in detail why these difficulties are so critical for analysts to overcome.  2.) Pick a real-life situation that you have experienced or observed where one of these communication difficulties had a major negative (or positive) effect on a decision(s) in an organization.  (Examples might include a business where you work(ed); a university you attend(ed); a church/temple/synagogue you attend(ed); sports team/club you belong(ed) to; etc.  Or you can do some research to find a news article that would demonstrate this point.) 

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 2.     10 Points:  Chapter 6 of the text discusses “A Better SWOT Analysis”.  1.) Identify and discuss three key strengths of SWOT analysis and three key weaknesses of a SWOT analysis.  2.) You are a market analyst for Netflix.  Identify and describe one important strength; one critical weakness; one significant opportunity; and one dangerous threat – to that company and its future survival and potential success.  Use references to support your answers.