Scenario – Staffing is an important part of nursing management as healthcare is very labor intensive. Since nursing is a major expense in any institution it is oftentimes the area where administrators will try to save money, sometimes forsaking quality and increasing the chances that there will be disgruntled nurses after a short time. The following scenarios are for two units in the same hospital so acuity levels will be the same. Acuity levels are as follows: #1=4.0; #2=3.2; #3=2.3; #4=1.4. The first unit is the ICU. The second is a Med-Surg floor. (HINT: Start with an 8 hour shift first)
Here is your staffing for ICU: 3-RN’s; 1-Unit Sec
Staffing for Med-Surg: 2-RN’s; 2 LPN’s; 1 Unit Sec

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ICU Unit 

6 patients = #1 acuity
2 pts = #2 acuity
0 pts = #3 acuity
0 pts = #4 acuity

Med-Surg Unit 

0 pts. = #1 acuity
2 pts. = #2 acuity
4 pts. = #3 acuity
8 pts. = #4 acuity


Please calculate the proper staffing for each unit along with the hours for a unit secretary. 

Be sure to show each step in your calculation with an explanation for each of the steps.

must be 1 page
apa 7th edition required
1 reference required