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Journal Article Data Analysis ; 

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   must choose an article from a professional journal to review. The following grading scheme will be used for this option: 


Copy of Article – Provide a copy of the entire article stapled to your final project. 

Research Questions/Hypotheses – Within 2-3 sentences provide the research question or hypotheses that the chosen results will be attempting to address. 

Methodology – Within at least 150 words, describe the methodology that the author(s) used to collect data.      

Graphical Representation – Select at least one figure, graph, or table from the chosen article which is relevant to addressing the research question or hypotheses. This figure must be included within your final project.      

Results – Within at least 150 words, describe only the results which are pertinent to one graphical representation within the chosen article. Refer to this representation within this section.      

Discussion – Within at least 150 words, provide an analysis of the chosen results and how they relate back to the original research question or hypotheses. 


Work is well-written, concise, and limited to 1-3 pages double spaced. Correct spelling is used throughout the final project. If you provide more than 3 pages, points will be deducted.
1 point for correct spelling.

 1 point for well-written paragraphs
1 point for the use of proper grammar 1 point for overall flow.

Final Data Analysis Writing Project –   Here is the template that you need to use to  type up your project. Download this file, choose one of the options,  type in your responses, print of your final project, staple all relevant  documents, and then bring to class for my review on the soon to be  posted deadline. Click on the following link to access this template:( ATTACHED )