take home essay 2

Please choose one of the 2 options from below to write and essay. an essay should be about 300 words or more is fine. Avoid using quotations from secondary sources in your paper–as much as possible, everything should be described in your own words. If need be, you can quote short phrases but from primary texts only. So for example, you can quote a phrase from Descartes’ own writings (as quoted by Soccio) but not Soccio’s description of or commentary on Descartes.

Question C: Write an essay in which you explain how Immanuel Kant responds to David Hume’s epistemological concerns (how he is influenced by him) while also moving definitively beyond Hume’s radical skepticism. In doing so, make sure to explain the “transcendental” structure of his metaphysical ideas. Lastly, state if you are more sympathetic to Hume or Kant (or neither) and explain why.

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Question D: Soccio discusses Jean-Paul Sartre as an example of a “public philosopher”. Begin by describing how Jean-Paul Sartre weaves together the concepts of freedom and responsibility (for Sartre these must always be thought together) and explain how these ideas shape his larger critique of modern society and/or his vision of philosophy as a way of life.  Then, finally, compare and contrast Sartre’s philosophical approach with that of Socrates. Make sure to clear describe at least major commonality in their understandings of the role of philosophy as well as one major difference.