Unit 3 expands on how a firm’s primary objective is to maximize its shareholders’ value by investing in projects that earn more than their cost of capital. In this unit, you will calculate the weighted average cost of capital, forecast net cash flows, and project option values. By applying budgeting concepts to case studies, you will learn more about the decision-making process as it applies to financial management.DescriptionFor this assignment, you will provide responses to questions regarding the differences between cash flow, accounting income, and how these two areas ties into capital budgets.Instructions

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Review this week’s required reading.
Click the attachment above to download the questions.
Answer the questions directly in the template.
Write clearly, using complete sentences.
Save and submit your work by clicking the blue link above.


A minimum of 350 words (excluding the references page)  is required.
Use APA format for references and in-text citations

Refer to APA Style and the Online Writing Center resources in Academic Resources for guidance on paper and citation formatting.

Not required:

title page, abstract, introduction, major sections or headings.

Use support from at least one reputable source (other than course materials) written within the last five years.