Using information in Human Resources

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Identify the stakeholders – CEO/Managers/Employees/Customers etc  
Find at least 3-4 research articles that are relevant to your study  
Make notes against each study and then identify similar or different themes Write your literature review – must include compare and contrast of author  viewpoints 
Add in a critique of the literature 
Write recommendations and conclusions based on your research 

 I need you to confirm the research question with me before you complete the paper 
The organization should be Saudi Aramco

You must follow the instruction in Live Session Slides file 

 How to best tackle this assessment (Hints and Tips) 
• This is a study of the purpose, value and relevance of secondary research 
• Do not carry out topic related primary research 
• Pick an area of the business / organisation that would benefit from improvement – include a graph/pie chart (your own work)
 • Select three key secondary sources 
• Critically review them 
• Feel free to make assumptions about the methodology (primary research) used 
 • Write a report (2500 words +/- 10%) 
• Draw conclusions from your review of these texts
 • Make recommendations to your identified key stakeholder